We're pretty darn proud of our work

Every relationship we build with our clients, subcontractors and suppliers becomes the foundation for our overall success.

Bodley Construction Limited (BCL) brings extensive construction knowledge of Two Bodley family companies. Keystone Construction Ltd and Bodley Brothers Ltd were combined in 2011 to form BCL. This rebranding and repositioning now better reflects the direction, growth and future vision for our company. BCL is family-owned with 3 generations working together to provide clients with efficient and accurate outcomes to their building & construction projects. Industry leaders in residential through to heavy commercial construction. The generations have compatible and co‐related strengths providing clients with a vast knowledge base. Here at BCL we pride ourselves on providing the right solutions to a building problem.

Our successful track record has been due to a powerful combination of our experience in the industry, with an extensive investment into resources and technology, and its total commitment to quality management, health and safety and environmental processes. BCL has an in‐house designed integrated management system for quality, environment and safety.

We’ve been working hard, over the past eighteen months to implement and embrace the new workplace safety systems the government have implemented. Working in partnership with their client.

Other key benefits that BCL bring to a contract include:

  • Highly experienced directors/shareholders 100% on site for the contract duration, assisted by an experienced field staff.
  • Extensive experience of quality assurance, site safety and environmental management working on‐site
  • BCL employs its labour directly ensuring a quality product is constructed and is fully compliant to best construction practices and relevant building codes.
  • An unblemished track record of always delivering on or before time and to budget